Ferrari 275 GTB/2 Alloy at the Berninapass - Print

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Background information about the photo:

The successor to the Ferrari 250, the 275 GTB, continued the tradition of front-engined, V-12-powered grand tourers. The 275 was first built with a double overhead cam 3.3-liter V-12 engine and later with a four overhead cam 3.3-liter V-12 engine. Much like the 250, the 275 also saw race use in both the double and four overhead cam versions.

A series two version of the 275 GTB, pictured here on the snowy Berninapass near St. Moritz, was introduced in 1966 with a longer front end, dubbed the “long nose”. What makes this particular example even rarer is that it is one of only 60 long nose examples with the optional alloy bodywork. It started life as a test car for Ferrari and even participated in the 1966 Monte Carlo rally. It is currently owned by Katarina Kyvalova.

Information about the photographer:

This photo was taken by Justin Schmöller, a car fanatic and professional photographer from Switzerland. Justin has been shooting cars for well over 5 years now, and has also built a global network of contacts since then. In addition to his successful Instagram blog, he has also acquired a lot of knowledge about the automotive world. If he could chose one brand, it would definitely be Ferrari!


The size of the print is 50 x 70 cm. Frame is not included.

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  • Luxurious museum quality paper

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