Our design philosophy is based on the purity and beauty of mostly 1960's Italian classic sports cars. At this moment we offer a wide array of luxury art prints dedicated to our fully in-house illustrated Art-Deco collection.

In addition to these collections we will soon expand into other products.

Wouter Teger

Henk Holsheimer
Creative director

Justin Schmöller
Professional photographer

Gabriel Ionica


Classical automobili and Switzerland have always been a great inspiration to create my own brand. As a young boy I, Wouter Teger, always used to go to Switzerland, which allowed me to discover all the beauty that Switzerland offers. Nature, simplicity, elegance and graceful taste for artisanal products. That is where my passion for aesthetic and classical automobili emerged. I have always dreamed of creating and leaving a legacy in this life. 

After many years of friendship, I started working with international product- and car designer Henk Holsheimer. Henk has a passion for creativity, innovation and (classic) cars. So, it made sense to study automotive design and pursue a career in the automotive industry. Conversely, he was given the opportunity to become a concept and innovation manager at Lego. After having worked for Lego for 14 years, Henk started his own design and innovation consultancy firm in Munich. Since 2020 he has been living in Bordeaux, France, and is now creating contemporary art full-time.

We hope you enjoy this ride as much as we do. 

Warm regards,

Wouter Teger